About Us

About Us

A Calling has reached out to Savannah.

It had been several years previous, before her commitment to the before and after life life process, that she was able to recognize an incredible aptitude to understanding and providing very specific needs and a keen eye to detail to those in need.

In 2015, she began her long awaited commitment to the path that she now follows, which delivers an unwavering commitment to the needs of those who find themselves in such a clear, yet cloudy place in their lives.

After having established a sense of confidence in a field she so revered, Savannah took the leap to reach out and provide the support that she knew her community so needed, and that she felt validated in providing with every piece of herself.

Serenity Alliance.

This name is an identity to her, and it aims to mean and have the same depth as the emotions of those she hopes to be surrounded by.



Overall, I enjoyed this event very much.  Savannah paid extra attention to the details so that this Sacred Tea Ceremony was easy to participate in, cathartic and thoroughly enjoyable.

The Venue:

  • was very clean, organized and inviting,
  • had a lovely Victorian ambience and décor,
  • was easy to find with plenty of parking, and
  • had accommodating food service, with good quality food.

The Process included:

  • a warm welcome,
  • an overview of what to expect,
  • sample tea testing,
  • a guided visualization as part of the Sacred Tea Ceremony, and
  • informal community time after the ceremony.

The Sacred Tea Ceremony:

  • was a very user-friendly process as Savannah gently took the lead,
  • featured easy to follow instructions, which were not complicated,
  • featured very appropriate and well-chosen music,
  • featured a very relaxing, easy to follow guided visualization (non-sectarian), and
  • served as a very soul cleansing ritual.

The Extras included:

  • 3 well-chosen teas, which were high quality, delicious and enjoyable,
  • healthy snacks for those with special dietary needs,
  • the perfect allotted time – not too long and not too short.

This event was a complete success!  Savannah is a true empath with great organizational skills.  I am sure that this Sacred Tea Ceremony with become very popular.

Karen Holton bsw

Lifestyle & Spiritual Coach.

“I attended the tea ceremony held by Savannah Shaw on Oct 1st at the Cronquist House in Red Deer.


I found the attention to detail was superb. We were able to choose from 3 different delicious teas and then Savannah lead us on a meditative journey as we sipped from our cups.


The journey took us to a place where we connected to any grief we may have been feeling and then guided us to gently release it in a way that was comfortable for us. Savannah made me comfortable with what I was feeling and I witnessed the compassion she had for all of us.


I would love to see Savannah create a workshop based on this ceremony in order to explore grief even further.


Savannah is an excellent guide, as she lovingly touched my heart and soul with her gift of healing. Thank you Savannah. I will be the first to sign up if you decide to create a workshop from this sacred tea ceremony.”


Reverend Sheryl M. Hinds