True Heart Awakening

Michelle Baumann is a facilitator of healing as a Certified Dream Builder Coach and Reiki Master with her business True Heart Awakening. Her passion is inspiring, teaching , nurturing and empowering individuals to follow their hearts path, trust their intuition and connect to their truth (own energy) so they can authentically thrive. Creating long lasting changes for a more fulfilling and intentional life by unwrapping their gifts and bringing them to purpose. Michelle’s drive and motivation stems from her own personal challenges and life experiences which allows her to relate to others who are facing real life situations and challenges.

Let her help you break free from emotional chaos and connect to the power and possibilities within!

I believe there is more power within us than any situation, condition or circumstance and I am passionate about connecting to our truth so we can authentically thrive! I am honored to be a part of the Serenity Alliance Community because I value collaboration and resourcefulness. With a wholistic approach through mind, body and soul, together on a path of discovery, we can achieve balance of the whole.